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Update - Children's Letter 4th May 2020

Dear children

Did you know that today is Star Wars day? Of course what Yoda really said was “May the force be with you” but the pun on the words fourth/force made today a perfect choice.  Perhaps today is a good day to persuade you parents to let you watch a Star Wars movie – I suggest you start with the very first one.  I was 9 years old when this was released and I remember nagging my mum to take me to the cinema to see it – we lived in the countryside so it was a long journey to go to the cinema.  She did take me and what a noisy cinema it was, everyone was shouting and cheering and booing at the baddies. The movies became a really big part of my childhood.

 Some photos of our friends (well done to all of them!):





You could learn Sign Language too – you never know when you might need to use it:

The other skill that would be really useful for you to learn if you have got some free time is touch typing. It is so brilliant to be able to type on a keyboard quickly – especially when you are grown up and have a job. There is a fun way to learn and the younger you learn the better it is.

I would really encourage to do this course if you have a computer keyboard (a tablet will not work)

Remember that if you are worried about anything then you can always email me or Miss Starr  or


You can get help and advice at or phone them on 0800 1111