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Update - 1st May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Good Afternoon I hope you are ok and had a good week.

A Governor Update from our Chair of Governors

This week saw our first meetings using the Zoom platform, a new experience for many of us. And as one Governor commented - he has never seen the inside of so many people's houses!

The Agenda was significantly different to what had been originally planned for our Full Governing Board meeting, but was amended to demonstrate the actions that Mrs Whitehead has had to take regarding the pandemic.

It demonstrated how the school was caring for the vulnerable children and children of key workers and how the staff are operating in and out of school. We also covered wellbeing of staff, social distancing measures in place in school and what that might look like when children return to school, and students access to learning and how this is monitored.

Critical decisions will continue to be made by Governors including agreement of the budget for next year and ratifying updates to the Safeguarding policy.

The Governors also took the opportunity to thank all the staff for their hard work and support of the parents and pupils of key workers and the most vulnerable. 

Zoom calls with class teachers

Your child’s class teacher will be in touch through the class email address regarding a Zoom meeting.  They have split their classes in half (30 in a zoom would be unmanageable) and will arrange the time around their own in and  out of school schedules.  The idea of the Zoom is social and emotional – really a wellbeing and community focus – and there will not be any academic content.  You should supervise your child whilst he/she is online, Zoom has improved its security and the school has had no issues, but there have been media reports of inappropriate interruptions. It is important that if your child is having an online meeting with a teacher (including music lessons) that you do supervise – this protects your child and the teacher. Many thanks.

A message from Miss Starr:

If your child would like to write a blog about your home learning (or activities) then please do and email it to me – include a photo if you can. My email address is

Thank you, Miss Starr

Community fundraiser – a message from Darren Chapman who has two children in school

So I’ve been reading about the wonderful 99 year old war hero that has been walking his garden for charity and it made me think of things I could do to contribute in some way.

I have been running a lot recently and since isolation I’ve been unable; through advice to protect Elise (my wonderful little girl); to leave the house. Therefore I’ve come up with a plan:

CF Trust is raising funds through a 2.6 or 26 challenge. Therefore I am going to run (in the house or garden) a minimum of 2.6 miles daily; minimum of 26 miles weekly (marathon distance) until this isolation ends!! 😝

I’ve set up a Just Giving page, link below and wondered if you would be kind enough to donate to the fantastic CF Trust charity, which is struggling to raise funds due to the current COVID19 crisis.

Obviously I know times are hard so only donate if you feel you can. You can also join my team if you would like; you would have to do the running too 😂.

Please also pass on to as many people as you can. Hope to see you in person in the not too distant future.


And finally…

Made me smile






Are you worried about a child or family? You can always contact me or Miss Starr

Or if it is a family not linked to this school and your child is worried about something – you can contact the NSPCC – they accept anonymous concerns. Child line either on their website or on the number below