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Children's letter - 24th April

Happy Friday – I am missing you all so much and send you each a virtual hug!!

Some photos of our friends (well done to all of them!):


Remember that our value this half of term is TRUST. It doesn’t matter what year group you are in but read Owl Babies again

Think about this story for younger children and what it tells you about TRUST.  Can you have a go at writing a very simple story for a 3 to 6 year old that gives a message about TRUST? I’d love it if you could email me your story (typed up please) and perhaps a picture to go with it,  so I can put it in the newsletter next week.

Here’s a beautiful song – Click Song by Miriam Makeba - for you to listen to. Be patient there is a bit of talking in French at the beginning, but what do you notice about the song?


You can get help and advice at or phone them on 0800 1111