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Update - 27th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Believe it or not it is Friday. Most of my message today is for the children; I would normally do an assembly for them this morning and I thought I’d point you/them in the direction of something ‘assembly like’.

However we did want to let you know that Carol Vorderman has made her maths teaching site free for the time being – it’s definitely worth a look and suitable for 4 – 12 year olds.

I hope everyone is ok and keeping to the advice given. If you are struggling then please do ask for help. You can email me

Dear Children,

Thank you being so good for your parents, aunties, uncles and whoever has been looking after you this week. I wonder if any of you have put decorations up in your window for people outside to see? Shanice made a rainbow yesterday as you keen see above.

She wants to add some more pictures today too. If you make something for your window then do send me a photo if you can – I’d love to see!

If we had been in assembly today I would have played you the piece of music we listened to before about a river. Grab an adult to help you follow the link safely and listen again and see if you can follow the journey of the water from being two mountain springs (one warm, one cold) that combine to make a mighty river. Further downstream the river passes people hunting in the woods (you can hear the horns), a village wedding (you should be able to hear the dance music) and then into a mysterious gorge where the water nymphs (fairies) live and then the river comes out into the moonlight.  Eventually the river gets faster and goes over some rapids (a big waterfall) before it finally arrives in the city at the end of its journey. I wonder which bit of the music you like the best?

(you will need to skip the ads at the beginning)

The other thing we would look at is the United Nations Global Goals – remember we talked about them two weeks ago in assembly.

If you are in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2 then get your grown up to help you find the Thomas the Tank Engine series about the global goals:

If you are in Years 3 to 6 you might want to watch Thomas for fun but have a think about Global Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation. What does that mean and how might it be different for you than some other children around the world?

Finally, here is a photograph for you to look at, think about, talk about with your family:

Have fun and be GOOD! I am sending you all a virtual hug from me (I know that’s making you Year 5 and 6 boys squirm!).

Lots of love

Mrs Whitehead