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Update - Tuesday 24th march

I hope everyone is ok and keeping to the advice given.

Home learning

I think now is a good time to say – please only do the work on the website if you can and if you want to.  We are totally not checking up on you and we are more than happy for you to do other things that seem right for your family.  The work will be there and the email addresses are there for you too, but how much you engage with this is up to you.  There is so much out there now about home schooling but I suggest you zone out and take stock if you can. Routines will help, so figure one out as a family and try and stick to it. We will make sure that our curriculum in September starts in the right place for all our children and work out a way to catch up those who need it.

If it helps, the highest achieving child I ever taught was one who had spent an entire year in an isolation bubble with no teaching at all, so please do keep things in balance.

Beware of cyber-crime

There has been a marked increase in cyber-crime. If you get a text message/email saying your bill is outstanding, or you’ve won something do not open it. Do not follow any advice on social media regarding Covid-19 – or any that has been sent to you by someone (however well intentioned) – follow only the advice of NHS Direct, National Health England or the World Health Organization or that given in the PM’s daily briefing. Do not click on links in emails however good they look until you are certain you know the original source of your link. Please ensure that your children understand this too – we’re all a bit anxious and it is easier to make mistakes when you are stressed.

Thank you for being such an amazingly supportive parent body – the staff really appreciate your support.