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18th March update

Update for today

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you so much for the overwhelming support we have had from you so far in managing the school response to Covid-19.

For those of you with children still coming into school:

I am aware that despite the best intentions the changes to the beginning and end of school day are still causing some gathering – particularly of parents and therefore we want to try this – commencing with pick up today please.

AM - drop and leave immediately keeping as much as possible a 2m distance between yourself and other parents
08:15 - Year 1, 08:20 - Year 2, 08:25 - Year 3, 08:30 - Year 4, 08:35 - Year 5, 08:40 - Year 6
08:45 – Reception and Nursery


15:10 - Nursery and Reception, 15:15 - Year 1, 15:20 - Year 2, 15:25 - Year 3, 15:30 - Year 4, 
15:35 - Year 5, 15:40 - Year 6

Oldest sibling will go with youngest so will need to go and join them internally to go out on to the playground and children will enter the school with their teacher through the school building rather than outside so that they are not coming into contact with arriving parents.

We would ask for your cooperation by asking parents to stand at the opposite side of the playground as far apart from one another as possible.

Teachers are working hard to bring the printing of reports forward and reports will be sent out with all children on Friday.  We will not be running a traditional consultation meeting for parents. But for those of you who, having read the report, remain concerned about the progress of your child, teachers will be able to provide a telephone consultation.  In order to access this telephone consultation you will need to email the new class email address (after reports have been received) giving a window (of at least one hour) you are available on the afternoon of Friday 27th March and the best number to contact you on – it would be helpful if you could share your concern very briefly in that email too.

Teachers will send home 4 reading books with each child on Friday and those doing a class novel (top end of the school) will also take this home.  This will ensure that if school does close you have some reading to be going on with and can support home learning effectively.  If school does not close we kindly ask you bring those books back each day so lessons can continue as normal. Thanks.

For those of you who are self-isolating:

Reports will be printed and emailed to you, but please be patient because this is a huge administrative task and will take a long time to do – you won’t have them by Friday – sorry.

Work is now on the website – please go to ‘Our Learning’ and then select the Key Stage your child is in – you will need to scroll down to see the work planned so far.  You can also use your child’s login to MYMATHS to access the extra activities and set up a account.

Teachers do not yet have the capacity to mark and feedback on your child’s work – if the school closes then this is absolutely the next step.

Please do share the school website with any friends you have that want to do home learning with their children in other areas – we are not precious about what we do!

Citizenship and values education – assembly replacement:

My plan for the next set of whole school assemblies was to introduce the children to the United Nations 17 Global Goals.  So if you would like to do something around this at home there are a lot of resources online.

A good place to start is this cartoon video introduce by Malala. It is suitable for Year 3 and above, but watch it yourself first so you feel comfortable with the content. It’s a great point for discussion and could be used as a basis for future research.

You can find the Global goals for your own reading at:

All the very best