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In history we our learning about the Egyptians. So far we have compared how life was in Egyptian times to how life is now. We looked at similarities and differences and then considered how this relates to the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age.

We have also been learning about how important afterlife was to the Egyptians and how they treated their deceased family. We have learnt that they would embalm them and the processes Egyptians went through to mummify a body. It was only the rich who would mummify bodies and the process included removing all organs apart from the heart. They would place all their valuables in with the mummy once it was placed in the sarcophagus. After learning about the processes we then worked in groups to mummify oranges.

We have been really lucky in Year 3 to have an external PE specialist help us learn the disciplines of dance. We have been acting as if we are parts of machines. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary such as canon, unison, dynamics, height, contact and non-contact. We got be levers, cogs and pistons and even focused on when a machine breaks and how our bodies would change for this.  

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