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This term in science we have started looking at plants. We started by looking at the different parts of plants like the roots, stem, leaves and petals.

The roots keep plants anchored in the ground and provide nutrients and water to the plant. The stem keeps the plant up and transports the nutrients from the roots. The leaves are important for absorbing sunlight and air so that the plant can stay alive. The petals are brightly coloured to attract insects. After looking at the functions of different parts of the plant, we dissected a flowering plant to understand how plants produce seeds and pollen. We have looked at the 7 life processes which are: movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproduction, excretion and nutrition. Life processes are actions that can help us decide whether something is alive. It has been great looking at plants in a practical way!

3R had a brilliant outdoor learning morning with Mrs Griffin this week. We got the chance to complete a fantastic activity where we had to bring in a plastic/paper/melamine plate from home and we used these to create our own gardens on. We did this by adding soil, stones and cress seeds to the plates. We added the cress seeds in the hope that if they get enough light and water, they will grow on our plates. It was great to decide what we wanted in our gardens. We have looked at what plants need to survive. The really important things they need are water, sunlight, air and space to grow in. Hopefully the cress will grow on our plates!

Have a look HERE at some photos of our outdoor learning.