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Last week, we had our block of music teaching from Mrs Frost. We had a number of lessons over the week where we learnt all about Rap Music.

We were introduced to new terminology this year which is specifically involved in Rap Music such as: dynamics (the volume), tempo (the speed) and pitch (higher or lower). Within our lessons we looked at a range of styles of rap which we were able to learn and rap back to our teachers and Mrs Frost. We also did a range of activities which helped us read musical notes and we learned words to help us remember them, for example 'tea' was for one beat, 'coffee' was for two beats and 'soup' was for four beats. We also looked at different insects and animals to help us remember these for example, 'glow worm' was for two beats and 'caterpillar' was for four beats'. We practised reading and writing our own beats with our learning partner and played a maze game where we had to follow the beats to end up on the right square and call out the animal which represented the number of beats. 
Thank you for a great week Mrs Frost, we had a brilliant time!
Here are some videos showing you our rapping.