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As part of our ‘Into the Woods’ topic this half term, Year 3 have been designing and creating their own woodlands. We have done this by creating clay leaves and making collages.

To make our clay leaves, we had to roll out the clay and then cut out the shape of the leaf. After this, we used utensils to add detail to the leaf. We then had to wait for the clay to dry, before painting the leaves in a woodland colour. We enjoyed comparing all of the different designs and colours once the leaves were finished. Have a look HERE for some photo's of our fabulous creations.

For our collage, we drew the woodland that we wanted to create and labelled the materials that we would use for each part. We wanted to give a layering effect and feeling the different materials that were available helped us in making these decisions. It was great to experiment with a mixture of tissue paper, crepe paper and pastels.  

Next, we will be continuing our creativity by designing and sewing a money pouch.   

We cannot wait to show you what we have made later in the term at our Fabulous Finish.