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In Year 2 we have been learning about the special people in our community, including the fire service. 

Today, 2D were visited by the crew of Bedfordshire Fire Service and we learnt how to stay safe and what to do if we ever need the help of fire fighters. 

We learnt that Bedfordshire Fire Service specialise in water safety because of the river in Bedford and that they not only help put out fires, but also save people, animals and help in accidents. 

Then, the fire fighters spoke to us about smoke alarms and they explained that they are in our homes and schools to help keep us safe. After that, we spoke about how to 'Stop, Drop and Roll', which is a method to use if your clothes catch fire. 

The fire fighters also explained that we should call 999 if we need the fire service in an emergency and that we should know our address to be able to tell them where we are. 

Finally, we went outside to have a look at the different parts of a fire engine and we all had a go at using the hose. 

We hope that 2A enjoy their visit in a couple of weeks. 

Have a look HERE at some photos of our visit!