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Schools in the Victorian Era

In history, we have been learning about the Victorians.

This week we learnt about school in the Victorian time period. We learnt about how children were taught in schools during that time period. At first, only boys attended school, but then this was later changed by Queen Victoria who encouraged all children to attend school. Did you know that children used to get punished if they were late to school or were misbehaving in class?

To compare our understanding of what Victorian schools were like, we did a role-play activity in small groups. In our groups, we role-played what it was like at a Victorian school. We then got to perform our acts and watch other performances too.  We really enjoyed the activity! We were also very lucky to be able to use some historical artefacts in our role play such as Victorian writing books and wooden dip pens.

Have a look HERE at some photo's of our activity.