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This week we made kites and then took them onto the field to see if they would fly.

First of all we had to cut our paper into a diamond shape and then we coloured it in.  We made all sorts of patterns and pictures on them, it was our choice. After that we stuck straws onto the back in the shape of a + to make them stronger. Next we stuck on beautiful tails that waved in the wind and added string to hold it with.

We went out onto the field to see if they would fly and had lots of fun running around trying to catch the wind, it was so much fun! 

Then adults got out a big kite and we helped by giving them a countdown.... when we got to zero they had to run up the field and then let go of the kite... sometimes it went up and sometimes it didn't, but we had good fun trying.

Have a look HERE to see some photo's of our activity.