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Welcome to year 2!

Something exciting has happened in our classrooms! 

We came in from the playground and our classrooms were covered in gold and shiny glitter.  We followed the trail of glitter and we found a letter.  Our teachers read us the letter and it told us that Jasmin, a mermaid, is trapped in our school, they explained that mermaids have treasure that allows them to come to shore and grow legs.  However, Jasmin has lost her treasure in our school somewhere and needs our help.  We have been looking for signs of her and this week a mysterious blue door has appeared.

2B went looking for the door and found it in reception, however when they went back the door had disappeared and it reappeared in the library.  We are not sure where it is now, so we need to keep our eyes peeled as well as looking for a mysterious piece of treasure!  Keep checking our blog to find out the answer!