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This week we learnt all about the four countries of the UK. We had a fun-filled afternoon looking at each individual country and what makes them special.

We began by looking at England. We looked at different places in England, such as the capital city ‘London’ and various landmarks like ‘Stonehenge’. It was fascinating looking at how diverse England is and we focused on the human and physical features we could see. Did you know that the English national flower is the rose? We also spent some time creating and painting the different flags that make up the Union Jack.

Next, we looked at Scotland and found out that Scotland’s capital city was the beautiful city of ‘Edinburgh’. Scotland is famous for it’s unique culture that includes bagpipes, stunning lochs and the famous Loch ness Monster. We also discovered that the Scottish national flower was the thistle.

The third country we looked at was the stunning country of Wales. Unlike the first two countries, Wales has a red dragon as it’s national flag and we very much enjoyed looking at it’s amazing castles and scenic countryside. We learnt that Cardiff was the capital of Wales and it is famous for it’s Welsh rugby team.

Finally, we looked at Northern Ireland. Did you know the capital city of Northern Ireland is Belfast and is also the largest city in Northern Ireland. We learnt he national flower is the shamrock and we enjoyed sketching these during the afternoon.

Have a look HERE at some photo's of our learning :)