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At the end of the Spring Term, Year Four went on a school trip where they were lucky enough to visit three places of worship in Queens Park, Bedford.

We set of from school at 9am and started our travel to our first place of worship: the Mosque. When we arrived, we ensured to be respectful of the religion by covering our hair and taking our shoes off. We sat down and had a presentation from one of the mosque’s leaders. He was full of fantastic knowledge and taught us lots of interesting facts such as how many time Muslims pray each day and the name of each prayer. We were then given the opportunity to look around the temple and ask any questions that we had.

After visiting the Mosque, we put our shoes back on and heading two minutes down the road to the Church. Inside, there were beautiful stained glass windows, lots of candles and a water fountain at the back which we later found out was where christenings would take place and God would welcome new people into the Church; we also learnt that this can take place at any age in somebodies life. We were also given the opportunity to explore the church and ask any questions to the lady who was giving up with tour of the Church. It was very interesting.

Finally, we set off to the final place of worship of the day: the Gurdwara; the building was beautiful, inside and out. Before entering the building, we covered our hair again and took our shoes off. At first, we had our lunch where we all sat on the floor having a catch up with our friends and talking about all of the amazing things we had learnt so far. After we ate, were learnt all about the religion of Sikhism and their gurus and beliefs. We also learnt about the 5 K’s of their religion. Before we left the Gurdwara, we were allowed to view the Guru Granth Sahib (their holy book). 

After such a fantastic day, we were all full of new, fascinating knowledge and headed back to school safely on the bus.

Thanks for reading, Year Four.

Please look at our pictures, HERE