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Last week, Year 4  went on a residential trip for two nights to Hilltop Outdoor Centre in North Norfolk. 

We arrived at school with heavy suitcases. It was a long  journey but we had loads of fun. Once we were there, we had to find our suitcases and settle into our rooms. We had to put on our wet weather clothes ready for our first activity.

First Dana (our instructor) taught us all about the sealife that lives around the Norfolk coast.  We learn't about the different fish, crabs and even seals! Excitedly we got on a coach which took us to the beach. We went rock pooling at West Runton beach but before we could catch any little creatures we had to create a habitat for them in a tray.  Then we caught crabs with red eyes, white shrimps and sea snails. The shrimps were so quick it was almost impossible to catch them! We felt so pleased and proud. For some of us it was the first time we had been rock pooling. Suddenly, there was a storm with thunder and lightning so we had to find shelter. We got very wet!

That night, it was dark, rainy and stormy so after a delicious dinner of fish ‘n’ chips some of us went to the games room and played some table tennis, pool and table football and others decided they would rather read or do puzzles. Then we went to our rooms and put our warm pyjamas on.

The next day, we were up early and had a tasty, fried breakfast. Then we ran through the dark green forest so we could get to the archery. We learned how to hold and shoot our bows and arrows. It was great fun. Some of us even managed to score a bullseye!

After, we put our bows with little, white feathers back and we bravely walked to the super swing. Some of us felt scared because it was a bit like a pirate ship going swish, swash and swoosh! At first, some of us screamed because we went so high but we were brave enough to have another turn. Some of us swung even higher. At first, we screamed but then we giggled all the way down because it was so much fun.

Another brilliant activity was the Tree Top Trail. We had to encourage each other to take tiny steps across the wooden planks, while we held the ropes at the side. Many of our hearts were pounding because it was so scary being that high up in the trees. We were so pleased we found the courage to do it.

One favourite activity was the agility course. It was like an obstacle course. Bravely, we had to crawl through narrow tunnels and climb under thin, large nets. There was even an underground maze, which was so dark. The obstacle course was hard work but great fun.

Unexpectedly, we even had a fire alarm!! Luckily, there was no fire and everyone was safe,

We had the best fun ever at Hilltop Outdoor Centre and we wished we could have stayed longer.

Written by various year 4 pupils that went to Hilltops

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