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In Year 4 this term, we have been doing golf! In our lessons we have been completing a carousel of activities to help us improve our different strokes and we have been using different clubs to do this. We have been using a driver and a putter in our lessons as well as golf tees and PE friendly golf balls.

The three activities were called the driving range, target practise and the putting range. When we completed that driving range, we worked on hitting the ball as far as we can using the current stroke. We made sure that we planted our feet either side of the ball and moved our whole body in smooth motion – we liked to do a ‘proper golfers’ pose too once we had hit the ball.

During the target practise session, we set up the equipment ourselves by putting ‘holes’ with a flag in the ground. We did this as a team and discussed how far away the flags would be from the ‘tee’. We liked to place the flags in all sorts of directions so it helped us with our drive and aim of the golf ball. We had to make sure we told our partner which flag we are aiming for so our partner knew how to give us feedback and help us improve.

During the ‘putting range’ session we were able to move the hole closer or further away from us to help us develop the correct power and aim. We did find this a little tricky, because we enjoyed the driving range so much.

Whilst we practised our different strokes, we took the safety of ourselves and friends very seriously. We made sure that we had a safety zone where our partners would stand to make sure they were well clear of the stroke we were using.

In our last few lessons, we are going to be setting up mini golf courses where we can put all our practise into small competitions with our friends.