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This month Year 4 went on a trip to the STEM Centre.

In the morning we got on our coach and went to Stevenage and when we arrived the staff were there to meet us to give us a quick briefing about the centre.


For our first activity, we went to the workshop to make our own keyrings. These were made from a material known as Polymorph, which is a material with a low melting point of 620C. This meant we could melt it into a liquid in warm water and then mould it into any shape we wanted to before it cooled down and turned into a solid.  A lady showed us the steps to follow to make them and by doing this we finished the Keyrings and were all really happy with the results.

After that, we had lunch with friends and then were taken to the Buzz wire project

A lady called Shell then helped us to make a Buzz wire to annoy our teachers and grownups at home! These were made from a polystyrene base, a metal wire and a simple electrical circuit. The object of the buzz game is to carefully move the wire wand loop along the wire “maze” without touching it. When the loop touches the wire, you will hear a “BUZZ”. The goal is to be fast and at the same time to be efficient, having the least amount of touches. When the wand does touch the wire it makes a very annoying buzzing sound. These were fairly tricky to build, but once we got the connections right, we had a cool new game to take home.

Then we went to the exhibition area where there were lots of interactive items. One of our favourites was the building blocks where you could build a cage and place a grown-up inside.

The sound show was the last event, where the staff showed us lots of cool tricks using sound and different objects such as an airzooka and a thunder drum.

We all really enjoyed the trip and wish we could go again soon!