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In DT this term, we are looking at the seasonality of different foods. We are in currently in the process of tasting strawberries and how they are used in smoothies. During one of our lessons, we all became smoothie tasters. We had a range of smoothies to taste to conduct our project research.



To help us, we created a table in our books with the following headings: taste, smell, texture, ingredients, looks and give it a score out of 10. Once we had done this, Miss Lowdon handed us smoothie number 1. We had to taste it and talk to our friends about it and what we liked about it and guess the ingredients. After we smelled it, we had to write down the looks. Then we had to taste it and write what fruits it tasted like. For example, some of us thought it had the tang of lemon. Here are some quotes from our friends:

‘It was nice smooth!’ - Rene.

‘It looked very bright and tasty.’ – Beth.

‘The texture was very nice, it was nice and thick and appealing.’- Richie

The flavour of our first smoothie was mango, passion fruit and strawberry.

We repeated the process for smoothie number two. Some of us thought this about it:

‘I didn’t like it very much because the texture was think and a little lumpy!’ – Amber.

‘The colour was very appealing and it didn’t look very appetising as it was dull!’ – Eleanor.

‘It tasted very bitty which I didn’t like!’ – Annabelle.

The flavour of our second smoothie was banana and strawberry – this didn’t go down very well in 4L and we definitely preferred the first one so far!

Finally, we repeated the process for smoothie number three. Some of us thought this about it:

‘It was very bright and colourful and tasted sweet.’ Joel

‘It tasted tangy and sour – I definitely thought it had had a squeeze of lemon juice in it.’ – Filip

‘When I drunk it, it was nice and smooth it was also fresh and gave me a red moustache that I had to wipe off!’ – Sebastian

The flavour of our third smoothie was pineapple, apple and strawberry – this was definitely refreshing after our last one.

As a class the votes were in. 13 of us voted that the mango, passion fruit and strawberry was the favourite. 1 voted for strawberry and banana which made 16 of us voted that the pineapple, apple and strawberry was the best! Next week, we will be choosing, creating and drinking our own smoothie – we cannot wait!