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Last month Year 4 went to Norfolk to Hilltops Activity Center.  It was so much fun and in this blog the children in 4A have described the activities they took part in...

The super swing

On the Super Swing there were 4 different kinds of levels. Green, blue, black and red were the different levels. Red and black were the highest and scariest as red went to 10 meters and black went to 8 meters. Green and blue were 5 and 6 meters. On the super swing you were allowed to choose where to go to and you could go to halves if you wanted to. To make the Super Swing start you pull a tennis ball when you get quite a shock. The tennis ball triggers a harness to release the swing and you go towering into the air.

Treetop trail

Treetop trail was very amazing and it was very scary. It required a great deal of skill and courage to get across the whole trail. We couldn’t go on everything for we were too short and the highest one was out of order. The downside of going on treetop was the fact that it was very long and hard to get to the end. Also, at one point it went on the road and it was very scary and fun. There was things called ring keys, rope keys, and wire keys. We had little doors that would open and close when you put a key in the keyhole and it was very long to figure out which and what key to put where.     


At the beach we went rock pooling. The rock pooling was very fun. At the beach we found lots of things. Group 1 and group 2 were going rock pooling first as group 3 were staying at hilltop and doing another activity.

At the beach we found crabs, periwinkles, blenny, and sea anemones. The edible crab we found, and it died. There were lots of shrimp that we found, and they were very fast. To catch a shrimp you could: get 2 people and entrap it, sway your net quickly and try to catch it.


The archery was about when we shoot arrows at a target to try to get a bullseye at the target and some of the people hit the bullseye. You had to pull the string towards you to shoot it better. If you really want a better aim close one eye. We had to take turns as there was not enough bows to go around. First you had to turn your bow into a flat position. Then you had to put an arrow in the hold and put the teeth in between some gold clips. Then you make sure that the white fletch was on top. We were given a challenge to hit a balloon but if we hit two balloons you lose points.

Aerial runway

The aerial runway was a small zipper. There were two zippers, the big zipper we couldn’t go on as we were too young.  On our second go some of us went blind folded. We also did it with a bean bag not all of us though. We had to wear a harness as we might fall off. We wouldn’t be able to fall off. We had to hold on to keep safe.   


We had to cross a labyrinth without falling on a trapdoor. If we did fall on a trapdoor we had to restart.

Have a look HERE at some photos of our trip