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I am glad that we have electricity because when there was no electricity you would have to light your house with candles or oil. When you run out of oil or candles you would have to spend the night in the dark. If I had no electricity I would be bored. Did you know that the first streetlight was stood in a street in London!

You have to be careful around electricity because you can hurt yourself when you get an electric shock.  Luckily for us electric cables are covered with an insulator which doesn't allow the currents to flow through it so that keeps us safe. There are different ways to generate electricity some people use solar panels that are powered by sun light. You could also use wind, gas, coal and nuclear fuels.

You also have to be careful of how we generate electricity and how we use it. Some methods to generated electricity like burning gas and coal create greenhouse gases that cause climate change. This is why we should use the electricity we need and we should save what we can. This is called energy efficiency.

But electricity can be a better source of energy too. In 1890, the London underground started to use electric trains because of the smell of the smoke from the trains and it smelled much better. Electricity might be generated using a method called ‘fusion’ in the future. It’s a little like nuclear power but doesn’t use the same fuels.

By Mia

We really enjoyed learning about circuits and how to build one.  We learnt that a circuit needs to be made of a conductor as this allows the electric to flow through and enable the power to work.  We couldn't believe it when the bulb actually lit up... it was amazing!!

Have a look HERE at some photos from our lesson!