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The Battle of Hastings - A poem by Eleanor

This week we are sharing a fabulous poem written by Eleanor and brought in to share with the class.  This was not topic based, it was written at home because Eleanor found the battle to be very interesting! We hope you enjoy it too.

The Battle of Hastings

English and the French all rival armies,

English and the French all loud and true.

Preparing for war, to each other they think BOO!

Solder training, months on end,

Takes time for the cry of war to send.

Armies and navy, who will win,

all at the battle of sin.


Never before has a country been so bold,

For bravery and courage the dignity is sold.

For far and wide the message must be sent,

Of how this mighty battle came and went.

We need a preserver, loud and clear,

That will survive any damage, however severe.

The battle is raging; it can not be stopped,

The battle is raging, who will win,

All at this mighty battle of sin.


For that we embroid a tapestry,

A wonderful storyteller, woven clean.

A hundred meters long yet shorter in with,

This mighty material will survive the blitz.

But were will we find the end to this story,

An end to stop the endless morning.

Stories and fables, who will win,

All at the battle of sin.  


We are French, we are bold and powerful, and we are going to win this war.

 For the English will rule no more.

And these years will all ways be raging, 

On the cover of every book’s paging.

Will we win or cry out in defeat?

Us or them who will win?

All at this mighty battle of sin.


We are English; we stand together in pride, 

For the French will not swim with the tide.

And we have weapons, swords, and blades, 

That will each far beyond the thoughts of our hopeless maids.

We will win this war, whatever it takes,

And do it for the country people’s sakes.

And never will we lose who will win, 

All at this mighty battle of sin.

        By Eleanor