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Anglian water visit!

This week we had a visit from Anglian Water and we learnt lots of interesting facts about sewerage water.

We learnt about how water comes into our taps and comes out through other pipes connected to drains.  As a table group we made sewerage soup, it included:

  • Fats and oils
  • Washing powder
  • Tea with a teabag
  • Toilet paper
  • Baby wipes

Every time we placed in an ingredient the teacher told us if we should put it in our sinks or not. First she said that we shouldn’t put fats and oils down our drains as when it gets cold it makes a thick layer at the top of the drain that Anglian Water call ‘fog’. The fog soon takes apart when the gasses underneath rise and burst through causing the sewage water to squirt through drains and block roads and pathways at unexpected times! We were also told not to drop cotton buds down the drain because they can clock up the drainage system. Also cotton buds are a wildlife catastrophe because when Anglian Water clean out the sewage, sometimes they don’t notice them so when they let the water back to the rivers animals such as: swans, ducks and birds attempt to drink the water they could swallow the bud and quickly choke! Finally she said to never put baby wipes down the toilet as they will not dissolve in the water but instead it would stay afloat, then when they try to clean out the water, they can’t remove the wipe! Then they would have to stop the water flowing and pick it out themselves which again would make Anglian Water inefficient.

We also learnt that recycled poo powered 400, 000 houses last year and that the drainage system was created by a Victorian called Joseph Bazalgette who was a British engineer.

We learnt so many new things during our session it was really quite amazing!

By Oliver (4T)

PLease click HERE to see some photos of the visit