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Stories and times tables

This half term in Year 4 we have continued with our Storms and Shipwrecks topic.  After learning so much about the Titanic last half term we have now moved onto Michael Morpurgo's 'Kensuke's Kingdom'.

The book follows a young boy called Michael and his adventure as he travels around the world with his parents on the Peggy Sue.  However, during the journey Michael is shipwrecked on a desert island and it seems the boy is not alone!  The story is incredibly exciting and we are really enjoying learning about the exciting adventures of how Michael survives on the island and have even tried to predict how the story will end!

As well as reading we have been working hard on our times tables and each week we have been testing our knowledge to see how many we know.  Times table knowledge is really important as it builds a stepping stone to so many other maths skills we use.  With this in mind we have had a look around and have found the'Dorling Kindersley 10 minutes a day' app which is really useful to support at home the areas we are working on at school and is easily accessed if you go to your app store and search and best of all it is absolutely free!