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This term, we have been on a trip to Goldington Academy. On this trip, we got to do different fun activities: cooking, art and DT. It was amazing to see the size of the secondary school and to do our lessons in different rooms.

Some children are going to Goldington Academy for their secondary school but the children who are not going came on the trip too. The teachers there were very nice and told us how to do each activity. We all had a great time!

In cooking, we made pasta and garlic bread. We all had our own space to work and we had to all chop an onion and pepper. Then, we fried these in oil and added chopped tomatoes to them. We cooked the pasta and then combined it with the sauce and put cheese on top. We also had to cook our garlic bread in the oven whilst the pasta was cooking.

After cooking, we went to do DT and we had to make a box for our pasta and garlic bread to be carried in. We had to decorate the outside of the box with bright colours and then we got to use clips that had been cut with a laser cutter so they could hold our boxes together.

We then did art and it was an amazing art lesson. We had to use lots of different colour oil pastels and colour in one of our pieces of paper. We then had another piece of paper that had a picture of a pizza slice on. We had to place this piece of paper on top of a plain piece of paper and place these two pieces on top of the piece that we coloured in first. Then we had to use pencils to go over the piece slice. When we took the pizza picture off and lifted up the paper, it made a colourful pizza picture.

It was definitely a trip to remember!

By Frankie