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As Head boy and girl, along with Mrs Whitehead, we were invited to a meeting with the developers of the proposed Universal Studios. 

While we waited for our taxi outside school and talked about what we think would occur during the meeting. Once the taxi had arrived, we got in, drove to the Corn Exchange, arrived and looked for the right room. We entered the room and sat down at the fancy tables. The people introduced themselves and we began the meeting. They talked about who they were and what they do. The team, who were hosting it and they showed us pictures on what it would look like and its location. They asked us our opinion on the plan and we shared our ideas as a group. They began by saying who they are and what they do. This included saying what jobs they each have and what they do in their jobs.  They mentioned that you can get a small job just simply working at the restaurant as a waiter at Universal but, soon, after many years working at the place, you may find yourself as the chief in charge of it all.

The host was an executive producer and his job focusses mostly on special effects and sounds. The other people were members of the Bedford Borough Council-they are coordinating with the Universal Studio team to create the masterpiece.

The team were very friendly and let everybody share ideas without judgement. They revealed the location of where the theme park is going to be built. They showed us how the area around it would adapt to universal being there and how it would be laid out. Next, they introduced what some of the premises would be and what the size of the hotel would be - it will be 800 rooms big! They told us what types of restaurant would be there. One of them included the chocolate emporium, which sounded absolutely stunning!

We shared ideas and queries. For example, one of our questions were how would universal consider the environment and he gave a very helpful and interesting answer. They were very helpful when answering our queries and gave us some very good ideas; this made our imaginations run wild with ideas!

Overall, our experience was very enjoyable and we learnt a lot from it. Universal sounds great and we are sure it will appear soon near us!


Livie and Richie :)