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This week, Year 6 have made their own CAM toys. A CAM is a special moving part that turns rotatory motion into linear up and down motion.

We started our DT unit by building a prototype to learn how CAMs work. Following this, we researched different types of CAMs and followers; different CAMs will produce a different linear movement e.g. a circle CAM will create a smooth up and down movement but a snail CAM will create a slow rise and a sudden drop.

After we had built prototypes and researched different types of CAMs and followers, we designed our own CAM toys – our toys had to have a functioning CAM and had to be based on an animal/living thing. We had lots of different designs: whales, a chick hatching from an egg, a bee moving towards a flower, and many more.

Following our sketches, it was time to build. We definitely ran into some challenges and some parts of the toys were easier to build than others but we all managed to build a functioning CAM toy. Many of our toys matched our original designs but some of us had to change our design during the build. Please click HERE for images of our finished CAM toys.

Here's what some of the Year 6 children said about our DT unit this term:

“It was challenging but it was also fun.” 

“It was very interesting and I think I learnt a lot.” 

“I think it was useful for later life.” 

“It was nice that we got to choose what we like best for our designs.” 

“When we watched the video, I thought it was going to take ages and be a challenge but when we came to it, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought.” 

“Although I struggled, I still had fun.” 

“We had freedom to choose what we wanted for the design and it was fun.”