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On the 24th May 2024, 6R and 6P were lucky enough to have some visitors from the NSPCC. They came to our school to give a talk about staying safe and what we should do if we, or someone we know, are being mistreated.

During the talk, we had to talk to our partners, write our thoughts, listen to different adults talk and answer questions. We talked about Childline, which is a service that children who are worried can call. They explained that there is no problem that is too small for Childline, even if you want to call because you are worried about a poorly family member; they said it’s free to call them and that you can call without having any mobile data. The visitors from the NSPCC brought in a speech bubble named Buddy – who represents the fact that anybody has the right to speak aloud. An important theme of the workshop was that it is so important to speak out about mistreatment.

After the workshop, many people said magnificent things about how interesting and educational it was. When we had finished talking with our partners, we got to make a chatterbox filled with four questions about Childline. We all enjoyed the workshop and will keep in mind that Childline is a service that anyone can use if they feel they need it.

The number for Childline is 0800 1111.

By Alicia, Cain and Vasili