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In DT, we have been learning all about food this term.

At the start of this half term, we learnt about seasonality and food hygiene. Since then, we have been cooking cuisines from around the world and it has been amazing to spend some afternoons tasting new flavours. We are given different jobs to do with the cooking such as chopping onions, peeling carrots and dicing tomatoes.

The first dish we made was chicken and chickpea rice. The dish contained chicken, chickpeas, carrots, a cinnamon stick, sultanas, lemon zest, rice and chicken stock. We had to melt butter and then fry onions in it. After, we added the chicken and carrot. When that was cooked, we added the cinnamon, lemon, rice, chickpeas and sultanas. We then cooked the rice by adding the stock and covering the pan with a lid. 

The second dish we made was huevos rancheros. This was a Mexican-inspired meal and includes egg, tomato, avocado, kidney beans and cheese that is all placed on top of a tortilla. When we made it in the classroom, all of these ingredients were put into bowls and we could choose which we wanted in our wraps. We had to cook onions and garlic in a pan. Then we stirred in the kidney beans, cumin, chilli powder, oregano and some water. After 5 minutes, we plated everything up and then cooked the eggs. We could then choose our toppings. It was amazing and tasted so fresh! 

After half term, we will make chicken chow mein, paella and pretzels. We can’t wait!