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Goldington Academy Art workshop

Last half term, Year 6 were lucky enough to be invited to an art work shop, hosted by Goldington Academy.

Last half term, Year 6 were lucky enough to be invited to an art work shop, hosted by Goldington Academy.

We walked over from our school, with the sun shining! When we arrived at Goldington, we were taken over to two amazing art rooms. The walls were covered in art created by pupils at the school, which was really inspiring.

During the workshop, we were introduced to a printing technique called ‘mono-printing’. It is a technique where you use ink, an image and a pencil to create some lovely lined images.

We began by choosing our image, based on an autumnal theme – some of us those leaves, some chose pine cones and there were some pumpkin images chosen too.

We then used a roller to spread ink out on the table (!!). We used some paper to dab the ink, so that there wasn’t too much ink that it would leave marks on our piece. Then, we placed a piece of card down onto the ink, and placed our chosen image on top. We taped down the card and image to stop it from moving.

Next, we drew carefully over the image, taking care to press harder for dark areas, and lightly for lighter areas, thinking about the light and contrast we could see. Once we had added all of the detail, we carefully peeled off our images, revealing our master pieces!
From the left over ink from our first images, we tried a different technique called ‘ghost printing’, which is where you place a new piece of paper over the ink, rub carefully with the palm of your hand, and the inverse of the image you have just created, gets printed onto paper! It was great to see how two different pieces of art could be created using the same materials.

We tried again with different images and different coloured paper; we added our own colour to the images afterwards too, to bring them to life.

We had such a brilliant time at the workshop; it was great to experience a new place, learn a new technique and have fun all at the same time!

Thank you to Goldington Academy for the fabulous afternoon!

Please click HERE to see pictures from the workshop.