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We’ve had a fantastic start to the year so far. In this blog, we’ll tell you a bit about what we’ve been up to!

In maths, we’ve been working on our place value knowledge - working with numbers up to 10,000,000. We’ve been determining the value of each digit, comparing and ordering them. Our numbers have included decimals too.  


We have started a new class novel in English. It’s called ‘Stormbreaker’ by Anthony Horowitz. So far, we know that the main protagonist, Alex Rider, is a 14-year-old boy who has just been informed of this uncle, Ian Rider’s, death. Alex is suspicious due to lots of strange events that happen around this news. He’s discovered Ian’s car with some very uncommon holes in the side; this only deepens Alex’s suspicions. We know, from the blurb, that MI6 are after Alex to join them. But why? How? We are already gripped, and we are only 3 chapters in...

We’ve written a chapter summary, summarising the first chapter, so far and are currently working on a diary entry. We are working hard to include Year 6 punctuation and grammar. Mrs Fowler and Mr Ramsden think we’ve done a brilliant job so far!

In science, we have started with looking at taxonomy and the classification crowns which were developed by Carolus Linnaeus. We now know the main levels of classification: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species.

This is quite a complex topic, but we are slowly getting our heads around it!

We have been exploring what positively and negatively affects physical health in PSHE, discussing the importance of staying healthy and how this has a positive impact on us and our mental health too.

We also had some team building activities to ease us back to school gently, which were really fun and taught us a lot about the importance of team work, communication and articulating our ideas.

So, parents and carers, when you ask us what we learnt at school today, and we reply with “Nothing!” … it’s simply not true! 😊