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Bu Hua is a Chinese artist was born in Beijing, China in 1973. She explores the themes of the life in contemporary China, through digital graphics, illustration, oil painting and animation.

Bu specialises in digital art and has become well known for her digital artwork and flash animations.  Her first animation called ‘Cat’ went viral upon its release in 2002. She has developed a character, based upon herself as a child, which appears in a number of her videos and illustrative works. 

We had a go at creating our own work, using Bu Hua as inspiration.

First, we used bold colours and shapes to create our backgrounds. Some of us opted for circle backgrounds, whilst some chose A5. We then draw our characters separately, on card, using animé step-by-step guides to help us. Then, we placed our characters onto our backgrounds, creating fabulous Bu Hua inspired art work. We know that coming into school is a bit difficult at the moment, so here is a picture of some of our work up on display in the corridor!