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Wow – what a start to the term it has been! We are all living in a very strange time, but we feel very lucky that this time round, we still get to teach, learn, and laugh together – albeit remotely.

Our day-to-day lessons have stayed the same, with our core subjects begin taught every morning, followed by foundation subjects. In English, we have written a book review on our class novel, Stormbreaker. We are now beginning to work on our next piece, which will be a film review of Stormbreaker, which we watched – and thoroughly enjoyed – during the last week of Christmas term.

In maths, we have been recapping our multiplication skills. This comes with its challenges over TEAMs, but we are still able to work on our whiteboards for the starter and show our answers to our cameras so Mr Parker and Miss Brown can still check up on our answers!

In science so far, we have labelled and explained the function of each part of a flower. Did you know that the purpose of a petal is to attract and entice the insects to come near the flower to pollenate it? More recently, we have started to look at our solar system and all the different planets. We learnt how long it took each planet to orbit the sun. It really is fascinating! Guess how long it takes  for Jupiter to orbit the sun? 4,332.82 days! Which is 11.9 years. Follow this link to look at our solar system, the planets and their orbits in an interactive way: 

The children in school are still completing their running on the track every day, and our remote learners are being encouraged to still complete 10 minutes of exercise every day, at the same time as we do at school. Some children are having to be imaginative about how they get moving since the running track isn’t available. We have had children complete many star jumps, running (carefully) in laps around the living room, outside and up and down the stairs. We know how important it is for our mental and physical to keep active!

Mr Parker and Miss Brown have been so impressed with the approach of both classes in Year 6 to their remote learning. They have all been sensible, engaged and are participating really well with their ‘virtual’ hands up.

Thank you Year 6 and thank you parents for supporting us on this huge learning curve, as a class, year group and as a whole school. We know it’s not easy but you are all doing SO well and we really appreciate everybody’s efforts.