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In the last week of half term, we had our music week.

We were learning about creepy music. We learnt a song called creepy castle and made our own creepy motifs and ostinatos using DR T SMITH (dynamics, rhythm, tempo, structure, melody, instruments, texture and harmony). A motif is a short musical phrase that is repeated often in a piece of music. An ostinato is the base line of a piece music. We also could use a devil’s tritone which is a discord that was banned in churches as it was said to be the chord of the devil.  When making our motifs, we had a range of instruments to choose from: glocs, drums, cymbals, tambourines and so much more.

We loved our music sessions with Mrs Frost and are looking forward to next half terms music week already!

We did have a video to show you but the gremlins in the system keep turning it upside down, keep am eye out and hopefully we will have it fixed soon

By Scarlett