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Last week Year 6 were treated to a fantastic day spent with a WW2 Soldier who told us all about the war as our topic is World War 2.

The soldier was one of the Home Guard, a group of men who were like the last line of defence if the German soldiers invaded England.  He showed us things from that period such as gas masks, his uniform (which he wore) and real guns!

We were told all sorts of things about WW2, such as why everyone had to carry gas masks with them (in case there was a gas attack) and how the war started.  Some of us were asked to do role play and at the end we got to pump and squirt a hose from the war that was used to put out fires after bombing raids.  We had to go outside and work in pairs... one person pumped the hose, while the other one aimed.

We were also told about parts of the war and things like how to load and fire a gun and what things were used to keep people safe such as an air raid siren.  When you heard the siren you had to run to a shelter and stay there until it was safe to come out.  Air raid sirens were used to warn people about bombs.

Everyone managed to learn loads and still have fun at the same time.  It was amazing and we all relished the experience.  I think the day was incredible and lots of fun.  If the soldier was to come in again I am sure he would get a warm welcome.

By Alex

To see photos of our day click HERE!