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planets, maths and art

Space.  The final frontier.  Year 5 are exploring the outer reaches of the universe this term in science. 

Our topic of Earth & Space will look closely at the solar system, the movement of the planets and our moon.  We have already modelled the solar system on to an area the size of the school!  With our model sun in one far corner of the field, we plotted out where each planet would be.  We estimated that Pluto would be somewhere near Goldington Academy and that the space probe, Voyager 1 (the furthest human-made object), would be near the Aspects Leisure Park.

"This term, I enjoyed Science because we learnt about space and the planets. I enjoyed it when we made a miniature solar system and used balls and seeds for planets. We also learnt about facts of each planets. My favourite fact was that Neptune takes 60,190 Earth days to fully orbit the Sun."


Outdoor learning continues this term for both classes plus we are looking forward to the major event in the academic calendar – the Bryher trip next month.  The children are excited and have been asking many questions.  Not the least of which is, “where is this place…?”

History is looking at the institution that is the British monarchy over the last 100 years or so and discussing what makes a ‘significant individual’ in British history.  In geography, we are looking at the human and physical features of our local community and how those have changed over time.

Indoor PE is focusing on multi-sport skills similar to the field element of track and field athletics; outdoor PE is tennis so we may have a future Wimbledon champion in our midst…

In Art, we are focusing on both pop art and still life drawings, in this case of wildlife such as birds.  DT is all about the science of food and the different types of food (like protein and carbohydrates).

Maths continues apace with geometry – shapes, angles, area and perimeter.  In English, we are using our termly class novel of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to examine location and character descriptions plus diary entries.

The Year 5 Team