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This half term, in science, we have been looking at air and water resistance. Air resistance is the force of friction between air and another material and water resistance is the force of water against another material. 

In our first lesson, we had been making parachutes to see which one would fall down the slowest. We made small, medium and large parachutes out of bin bags. Then we attached string with masking tape to the corners of the bin bags. After we'd finished making the parachutes, we attached the same items to each and dropped them at the same height. Whilst we were doing our test, someone would record the time so we could see which one would take longer to fall to the ground. Most people found the biggest parachute to be the slowest so it was the best. We had a lot of fun building these parachutes. Maybe you could try making one?

We also tested water resistance. We made shapes out of clay and dropped them into cylinders of water to see which fell the quickest. We made a cone, sphere and cube. The cone fell the quickest because it had the most streamlined shape. A Streamlined shape moves well through water, like a shark or a submarine. 

Have a look HERE at our gallery.

By Zahra and Safiyyah