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This term, in art, Year 5 have been learning about various artists, such as Hokusai and Alfred Wallis. We have had an opportunity to use a variety of mediums, such as oil pastels, water colour paint and water colour pencils to explore these artists' work. 

Hokusai, a Japanese artist from the Edu period, is most famous for his paintings and printmaking, in particular, a piece called 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa'. Despite it being created in 1829, we still see it around in popular culture today. We had a lot of fun creating our own artwork inspired by his work and you can see our pictures in the main school corridor. 

Alfred Wallis was a British fisherman, who later became an artist. His artwork was inspired by his fisherman career, where he created port landscapes and shipping scenes around Cornwall. What we found most interesting about Wallis was that he liked to paint onto scraps of material, such as cardboard, and his artwork was quite naive in its use of perspective. We found our artwork to be really reminiscent of Wallis' and enjoyed using his artwork to inspire our own. 

After learning about these artists, and exploring their artwork, we made our own final piece, which we spent a few weeks designing, creating and evaluating. 

You can see some of our artwork HERE