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Outdoor learning is a fun experience to learn about the community and earth. This fun lesson, which is run by Mrs Griffin, is a time to use your imagination and creativity.

What We Did

For our team building skills, we made structures with spaghetti and marshmallows to see whose team had the best structure.

On the field, we played a game in which you had to figure out what symbol links to the object on a map. It was a relay race between teams to fetch the symbols!

After that, we went outside the garden and used chalk and masking tape to create colourful designs on the pavement.

We had lots of fun digging and splashing in the garden. Lots of people ended up looking like mud monsters! Some people made mud soup and mud cupcakes in the mud kitchen! Other people played on the rope swing or musical wall.
We had lots of fun!

Have a look HERE for some photos of us in the garden!

By Safiyyah, Priscilla, Olivia and Annabelle.