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In indoor P.E this term, Year 5 have begun learning about balances in our gymnastics topic.

It is important for us to learn about gymnastics in P.E because it promotes an active and healthy lifestyle, which is something that we will be learning about more throughout the year in our science and PSHE lessons. We’ve learnt about how taking part in sport can help us maintain a healthy lifestyle, including being beneficial for our mental health and gymnastics also helps us develop in areas such as strength, balance and flexibility.

These past few weeks, we have specifically been learning about counter balances. This is tricky because a counter balance relies on another person or people to make our balances stable. We started off our lessons by discussing what a balance is, how long we should hold it for and how we can make it aesthetically pleasing. Next, we practiced the role of travelling and turns within gymnastics and how we will use them to link our routines that we have been composing. We’re really looking forward to incorporating some more complex jumps in our routines such as a stag jump, a changement and a split leap. Have a look HERE for some photos of the beginnings of our wonderful routines!