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For the past few weeks in DT we have been studying and making phone cases out of felt. We have been practising our sewing skills simultaneously and practising new ways to sew e.g. back stitch.

Some people had extremely original ideas! At the very start we had to make success criteria of everything we wanted to do. Then we generated a range of ideas and decided which one was best. It was a tough decision! We then got started on the making of the phone cases. First,you would have to cut the pieces of felt and remember seam allowance(cutting a little bigger so the phone has room) and then you have to design the front and back. After, you have to sew the bottom and sides but NOT the top or your phone won’t go in. Put your phone in and you have a phone case! This has been a very fun few lessons and a lot of people agree! Although sometimes it is a little challenging, we have really enjoyed making the phone cases.

See some pictures of our phone cases HERE!

Written by Alexis