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Last week Year 5 designed and made parachutes to test which fabric made the best one. We also investigated the different forces, which were: air resistance, gravity and friction.

We could not make them life size so we used Lego people to be the person in the parachute.

To make them we used kitchen roll, bin bag, paper, cloth and tissue paper. All of us had to use 3 variables to make the experiment fair, we also made 3 parachutes. We tested all three parachutes to see which one was the best.

To find out which one is the best Parachute we timed each one to see which one took the most time to reach the ground. We recorded the information into a chart.  If you don‘t know what a force is then we will tell you!

Gravity: a force that pushes down on us.

Air resistance:  is a force that pushes upwards so we don’t get sucked into the earth’s core.

Friction: is 2 surfaces that rub together to create a force that is called friction

Our favourite part was making the parachute also some people really enjoyed timing the parachutes. The parachutes we made were cool but they were very hard and fiddly to make for some people but some thought the parachutes were very easy to make. Even though people thought it was very hard and others thought it was very easy, overall we all learnt how a parachute works and the different forces that go in to it.

Have a look HERE for some photos from our lesson

We hope you have learnt something new!

By Alessia and Riya T