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In Reception this term, our topic has been 'The Wonderful world of Books!'

We have read so many lovely books throughout the term to base our learning around. A recent favourite was 'The Day the Crayon's Quit.' We learnt what quitting was and why sometimes we feel like we just want to give up. Finn said, “I wanted to quit when I went crabbing. It took a long time to catch them. I didn’t quit. I waited and I caught three crabs and some shrimps.”

In the story, each of the different colouring crayons wrote a letter to Duncan, their owner, to explain why they were quitting. We enjoyed writing letters to crayons telling them why we didn't want them to quit. Annie wrote a letter to the blue crayon saying, ‘’Do not go. If you go I won’t able to colour the sky! I need you!’

During this week, we learnt all about the French artist Piet Mondrian. We found out that he liked to use the primary colours; red, blue, and yellow. He drew horizontal and vertical lines, creating little square and rectangle windows.  Then he would paint some of the squares in one of the three primary colours. He also used black. Inspired by his work, we made our own versions of his paintings. We cut strips of black paper and glued them horizontally and vertically before painting some of the boxes that we had created. We were so pleased with how our work came out.

To see some examples, please click HERE!