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Last week both reception classes enjoyed three mornings of outdoor learning at school.  Lots of activities were planned and the sun even came out for us!

On the first day we went on a Scavenger Hunt around the Robin's Garden. We worked in pairs to find a variety of natural objects including flowers, ladybirds, butterflies and pinecones. Our next activity was parachute games. We enjoyed working together as a class to sing songs, raise the parachute and running underneath. Finally, we finished off the day with texture rubbings. We explored the environment around us and used words to describe the different textures that we found. We then used wax crayons and a booklet to create a texture rubbing.

On the second day we played a team game called Horses and Jockeys. This was a big hit with the children as they took turns to be a jockey and catch the horses. We then went to the Mud Kitchen in the Robin's Garden to explore and dig up some mud! Finally, we made some bird feeders by cutting an apple in half and poking sunflower seeds into, to make it look like a spikey hedgehog. 

On our last day, we started the morning off with Gruffalo Orienteering. We had to follow the picture clues to find the next sound in our sentence. After finishing the hunt, our sentence was 'A fox in socks'. The next activity was making cress faces. We stuck a picture of our face onto the see-through cup, spooned the soil into our cups and scattered the seeds over. We then watered the seeds with mini watering cans. On Monday we were surprised to return to school to find out our cress had grown to the top. We now have funny cress hair! Emily said: "I can see some roots in the soil." We finished off our outdoor learning with a shape hunt activity. We looked in the environment for shapes and ticked off on our worksheet. We then went into the Robin's Garden and made some shapes using sticks. A fun time was had by everyone. 

Please click HERE to see our pictures!