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This term in Reception, our new topic is 'The wonderful world of Books! We will be having a new key text each week to base our learning around. Our first book was the popular children's story, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. 

We listened to the story and talked all about the different foods that the caterpillar ate. The children noticed that the caterpillar made some healthy food choices and some not so heathy food choices. Thomas said, "The lolly pop is not good to eat because it has lots of sugar in it and it will make holes- they're called cavities- in our teeth. then you'll have to go and see the dentist!" 

We watched a video all about the life cycle of a butterfly. The children thought that it was very clever how the caterpillar could turn itself into a cocoon and then amazingly emerge from it as a beautiful butterfly! After, we drew our very own pictures in order to represent the different stages of the butterfly life cycle!

In art, the children got busy and produced a piece of work that was inspired by the story. In Fuji class, the children painted patterns on butterfly wings and folded them to print  symmetrical wings. In K2, some children chose to make a butterfly, but some chose to make caterpillars instead either using pom poms, egg boxes or toilet rolls. 

We rounded off the week by learning and singing the 'Caterpillar' song. We also loved joining in with the Cosmic Kids Yoga's version of the 'Very Hungry caterpillar'. 

To see some of photos from the week, please click HERE!