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This half term we have been reading non-fiction texts about animals that live in the woods. So far, we have learned about owls, foxes and bats. Last week we learned all about hedgehogs! We found out so many interesting facts about these cute little creatures. We even found out that they can swim!

In music, we enjoyed learning and singing a song called 'I'm a Little Hedgehog.' We practised singing in tune and made up some actions to go with the song. We also practised keeping a steady beat.

In art, we created a hedgehog using clay. We pinched it into the correct shape carefully thinking about the hedgehog's pointy snout. Next, we used a variety of different tools to add their features. To create the hedgehog's spines some children used a fork, some snipped into the clay using scissors and some decided to pinch the clay up into peaks. We were all very pleased with our final hedgehogs. To see some of our amazing work, please click HERE!