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Teeth week!

As part of our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic, we have been learning all about our teeth. We learnt that all the children have 20 teeth. We practiced counting to 20 and some of us even rolled out the play dough and pretended it was a mouth and put 20 teeth (beans!) into it!

Lots of us had a go at making a tooth fairy pocket ready to put our tooth into. We used the scissors to cut out a tooth shape, choose the material for our pocket and thought hard about whether to use glue or tape  to attach the pocket.  Finally, we attached a handle, some children used a hole punch to make holes to thread ribbon or a pipe cleaner through to make the handle.

The best part of our teeth week was when the dentist came to visit! We looked at real teeth, showed photos of what would happen to our teeth if we don’t look after them some of us even dressed up as the dentist!

To see our photos from teeth week, please click HERE!