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Week commencing monday 20th june 2016

Welcome back to our weekly Reception blog!

We hope you are enjoying our new website and finding it easy to navigate.

This week we have been watching some of the butterflies appear from their chrysalises and then have enjoyed letting them free to continue their butterfly life cycle.  We have also been thinking about our feelings and have written sentences about events or situations that make us feel happy, sad, grouchy or excited.  We have also enjoyed a visitor in school who gave us a presentation about how bananas travel from their trees (although we have now learned that a banana is actually a herb) to our food stores and every child was offered a banana to enjoy!

Next week we will be focusing on the story 'Dinosaurs Love Underpants' and in our mathematics we will be practising addition and subtraction problems.  At the weekend, it would be lovely if the children could have a go at writing a sentence (or two) about something they have enjoyed doing with you over the weekend.  We would be happy for them to share this writing with their classmates next week.

Maths websites:  (addition and subtraction within 100) (simple subtraction)

Have a lovely weekend!

To see photographs of our week, please select this link