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FSP/FSM Outdoor learning day 2

We had a very busy morning this morning! Thankfully the rain stopped today!

The children explored the Dragonflies garden. They played on the rope swing, played music on the recycled music wall, made mud pies in the mud kitchen and they even went pond dipping. The children were amazed at how may creatures were living in the pond.

Next, the children talked about the lack of food for the birds in the winter. They made bird feeders by mixing together lard, raisins, oats, bird seed and cheese. Some children chose to put the mixture into a yoghurt pot, while others squashed the mixture into a pine cone. 

The children became birds in the last activity. They used tweezers, as if they were the birds beaks,  to pick up a variety of materials to make a birds nest.  We decided that it must take the birds a long time to build a nest!

"My best bit was fishing in the pond. We found lots of creatures!" Joseph (FSP)

"I liked hunting for bugs in the garden... I found a lady bird!" Olivia (FSM)

To see our pictures from today, please click here!

Thank you to all the parents that volunteered to help today. We couldn't run these experiences without your support.